Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I have always been fascinated about being up high on buildings. I'm not sure why that is. Back in the day I went to Sheridan College for photography and my class went to see this guy who photographed
around NYC from the roof tops. I really liked the images a lot. Peter B kaplan. I thought this guy was either crazy or looking for strong images. I remember one shot I thought was funny, It's called Moon over manhattan. He has a book out called High On New York.

(Above) I shot image in Vancouver. On a corner parking lot. My only regret was not changing my angle a bit and have my shoes showing as well in the frame. Inside the parking lot there was a Bansky tag on the wall. Unfortunately for me they tore down the parking lot. 

On my way to work in Burnaby,  I looked over the edge near the sky train in Surrey. I saw this women every morning handing out papers. I slowed down my shutter speed and waited. 

This was shot in spain. Beautiful country and people.  This was just out side my hotel roof top.

Above shot. When I look over the edge I saw this great shadow. The windows looked like two eyes looking back at me. I find that it takes me a minute or two to get use to the hight. I always keep both eyes open when I shoot out over the edge. There's a bit of a rush.

The other photographer Jack E.Boucher, some of his photos are in the Library of congress. 
There is a guy in T.O who I think is a great shooter. http://www.flickr.com/photos/neilta/sets/72157624527743509/
Neil Ta. I'd like to meet him some day.

I'd like to figure out some sort of rigging. Like a mono pod that I could attach to my camera and some sort of shutter release trigger. And suspend the camera in the air. And shoot over head.

This is an interesting area to shoot in. I'm looking to get up higher. I like to approach a couple of the company's around town to see if I can get on the roofs around the city. 

On my Sunday mornings I have been looking for roof top locations to shoot from. I'd like to continue my Vertigo series. Ottawa isn't a tall city not like Vancouver or Toronto. It's a bit of a challenge in that way. I would like to get up on the roof tops at night. It's a funny place, It's a small big city...

On grey days I look for patterns and wait for the and odd numbers of people, 1,3,5,7. On the sunnier days I'm all about the light. 

I shot this image (above) of the roof of a parking garage in Ottawa in the market. There's not a lot of colour in the city. It seems more of a black and white place. I would like to do some night 
time shooting around the town.